• Stylianos Schicho, Restless


    on view

  • Laura Nitsche, Äpfel, Presskopf, Buttermilch 2 © Laura Nitsche, Bildrecht Wien, 2021


    on view


We cordially invite you to visit us at the art fair ART AUSTRIA Highlights in Vienna. The fair will take place from 14-17.10.2021 at the area of the Vienna Ice Skating Club. We show selected works of the artists of our gallery. More info and your personal admission ticket can be found here:

Laura Nitsche and Stylianos Schicho

Shopping Lists, Still Lifes, Life Styles. Laura Nitsche transforms discarded or left-behind shopping lists she finds in public spaces into still lifes in the style of old masters. In her series "CoroNah - DisTanz" she translates experiences of a performance with fabrics and painting onto large-format canvas, and poses the question of proximity and distance in largely contactless times. The depth of Styliano Schicho's large-format works is revealed, as it were, in the artistic interweaving of proximity and distance.

Pics of the opening

The exhibition is on view until 13.11.2021.

Galerie Rundgang

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