Inge Dick © Hermann Seidl Fotohof

The Peter C. Ruppert Prize for Concrete Art in Europe 2022 goes to INGE DICK. The city of Würzburg awards this prize for the sixth time in cooperation with the Peter C. Ruppert Foundation.

We congratulate Inge Dick!

The art fair is now open to the public.

Art Austria Highlights in Vienna

The exhibition is on view.

The exhibition Lichtmomente / Moments of Light of artist Inge Dick is open. Click further for a first tour of the exhibition.



We are very pleased to present three wonderful new female artists in our gallery program this year: Inge Dick, Dorothee Golz, Sofie Fatouretchi.

Art Austria Museumsquartier Vienna


Join us on a first tour through the opened exhibition.

© Robert Schaberl

We are pleased to welcome you at the SPARK Art Fair 2022 in Vienna.

Olga Georgieva shows her versatile skills as an artist in a live painting performance.

The exhibition of the young artist Olga Georgieva was opened.

Visit us at the ART AUSTRIA Highlights from 14-17.10.2021 in Vienna. Here you can get your admission ticket.

A successful opening with an exciting exhibition dialogue between two young artists that we present for the first time in Salzburg.

Worth seeing reports about the new name of our gallery, our artistic program and our position in the Salzburg gallery scene in the ORF and in the Salzburger Nachrichten.

Ausstellungsansicht Obergeschoß

In a mix of sunshine and rain we opened this year's summer exhibition together with our artists!

The team of L art Galerie

We are very pleased to welcome you from now on under a new name in our L art GALERIE.

Martin Veigl ausgezeichnet beim Koschatzky Art-Award

The young artist Martin Veigl, whom we will present for the first time in November in an exhibition in our gallery, received the Koschatzky Art-Award recognition prize.

The exhibition was opened on Whit Saturday, May 22, 2021. Many thanks to all visitors for the enthusiastic feedback.

Jakob Gasteiger in der Albertina Wien

The ALBERTINA Vienna shows from 17.04.2021 a comprehensive exhibition of Jakob Gasteiger. Read more about it!

We are very pleased about our successful opening day. Saturday, March 27, 2021.