Oliver Dorfer 1963

Oliver Dorfer studied sociology at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Today the artist, who has received many awards, can look back on countless solo and group exhibitions in galleries at home and abroad.

The Linz-based artist began his artistic career as an autodidact and used pigments and shellac on plaster like on a fresco in his archaic-looking, older works. Later he developed an image system between fiction and reality with stereotypes and visual codes from design, comics, photography and film. In Dorfers' paintings, figurations and abstract sign language form an artistic syntax that is combined with cipher-like elements. Fragments become narrators in unconventional time sequences. He is a member of the artists' association MAERZ. (MMag.a Vanessa Bersis, STRABAG Art Forum)


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Oliver Dorfer, storyboard njord 25
Oliver Dorfer, white 13
Oliver Dorfer, storyboard njord 23