Inge Dick wins the Peter C. Ruppert Prize for Concrete Art in Europe 2022

We congratulate Inge Dick!

With Inge Dick, one of the internationally most distinguished artists in the field of concrete art receives this award. For over 50 years, the central concern of the artist, who was born in Vienna in 1941, has been the examination of light and the exploration of the possibilities of capturing its immaterial phenomena in images.

Using various media such as painting, Polaroid photography, and digital film, Inge Dick explores the possibilities of making supposedly invisible phenomena such as light and time visible. Particularly noteworthy is her use of the imaging processes of analog and digital photography. She uses these to capture the color spectra of natural light and to examine the medium itself for the possibilities and limits of non-objective representations: Light as a source of visibility becomes a motif itself here. The artist pursues this concern with particular consistency and innovation, which make her work a fundamentally important contribution to concrete photography.
The prize money of € 15,000 is provided by the Peter C. Ruppert Foundation.


Fotocredit: Hermann Seidl, Fotohof
Inge Dick © Hermann Seidl Fotohof
Inge Dick © Hermann Seidl Fotohof