Edgar Honetschläger 1967

Edgar Honetschläger studied economics and art history at the universities of Linz, Graz and Vienna and spent a semester at the Art Institute in San Francisco, USA. After several years in the USA, Japan and Brazil, Edgar Honetschläger now lives and works as a visual artist, screenwriter, film director and environmental activist in Italy and Vienna.

In the form of painting, drawing, photography, performance, installation and intervention as well as short and feature films, his art unfolds in a wide-ranging repertoire. Edgar Honetschläger's works are based on anthropological approaches, whereby cultural conditions and the concept of individualisation or the relationship between man and nature are questioned and expressed artistically. In addition, the fight against the "central perspective" is a recurring theme in his works.
The purpose of art is to criticise. It can say anything, do anything, its task is to doubt, scrutinise, point out and cut into the flesh.

"I believe that everything that is mono is a threat to the beauty of different forms of expression/beliefs/languages/approaches to life as well as to nature. I express these beliefs - usually in an ironic way - through the means of drawing, painting, film, performance, installation and photography." - Quote from Edgar Honetschläger

His artistic work has been honoured with numerous art and cultural awards in Austria, Japan and Italy.


Photo credits © Edgar Honetschläger

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Italien und Wien